Summary of the Challenge

IJCRS'15 Data Challenge: Mining Data from Coal Mines has ended and we are proud to announce the winners:

  1. Adam Zagorecki (team zagorecki) from Cranfield University, United Kingdom
  2. Marc Boulle (team marcb) from Orange Labs, France
  3. Dymitr Ruta (team dymitrruta) from EBTIC, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates


All competition data were made available in the Data files folder (including the labels for the test set, as well as indexes of objects from the preliminary evaluation set). The data set is free to use for non-commercial purposes, however, if you decide to use it in your post-competition research, please add references to related papers describing the scope of the challenge and a link to Knowledge Pit platform. Below is an exemplary list of related papers (it will be extended):

  • Janusz, A., Sikora, M., Wróbel, Ł., Stawicki, S., Grzegorowski, M., Wojtas, P., Ślęzak, D.: Mining Data from Coal Mines: IJCRS’15 Data Challenge. In: Proceedings of RSFDGrC 2015: 429-438, LNAI, vol. 9437. Springer (2015) (bibtex)
  • Janusz, A., Sikora, M., Wróbel, Ł., Ślęzak, D.: Predicting Dangerous Seismic Events: AAIA16 Data Mining Challenge. In: Proceedings of FedCSIS 2016, IEEE (In print September 2016) (bibtex)

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