Our data mining competition has finally finished. Thank you very much for your hard work! 

The Winners:

  1. Jan Lasek, Polish Academy of Sciences and Marek GagolewskiSystems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland (team jan)
  2. Adam Zag√≥recki, Cranfield University, United Kingdom (team zagorecki)
  3. Eftim Zdravevski, Petre Lameski, Riste Mingov, Andrea Kulakov, University Cc. Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia and NI TEKNA Intelligent Technologies, and Dejan Gjorgjevikj, University Cc. Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia (team nitekna)

Congratulation on your excellent results!

In the next few days we will be inviting selected teams to extend their reports into conference papers submitted to AAIA'15 conference. Stay tuned!

Last modified: Friday, 12 June 2015, 6:31 PM