Summary of the Competition

ISMIS'17 Data Mining Competition: Trading Based on Recommendations is over. We would like to sincerely thank all participants for their contribution and support!

We are happy to announce that the competition attracted a total of 159 teams from which 73 were active and submitted at least one solution to the leaderboard. A total number of submissions was 2570 but unfortunately, none of the solutions which were marked as the final exceeded our baseline (which actually tells us a lot about the problem). Thank you for your effort!

The official Winners:

  1. Mathurin Ache (team mathurin), France
  2. Łukasz Siemaszko (team bongod), Poland

We have already sent invitations to 10 teams which submitted the most interesting descriptions of their approach to extend their report into a paper for a special session at ISMIS 2017. Those submissions will go through a special peer reviewing track and all accepted papers will be published in conference’s proceedings. All other teams are also welcome to submit extended descriptions of their approach to ISMIS 2017, however, their papers will undergo regular reviewing process by members of conference’s Program Committee and might be shifted to a different session (e.g. the industrial track). The regular paper submission system is available here:

For all of you who would like to continue research related to the competition, we plan to reveal all of the used data (including the labels for the test set). You will be able to find it here within a few weeks.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 8:41 PM