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AAIA'16 Data Mining Challenge is the third data mining competition associated with International Symposium on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'16, https://fedcsis.org/2016/aaia) which is a part of FedCSIS conference series. This time, the task is related to the problem of predicting periods of increased seismic activity which may cause life-threatening accidents in underground coal mines. Prizes worth over 3,000 USD will be awarded to the most successful teams. The contest is sponsored by Research and Development Centre EMAG (http://ibemag.pl) with support from Polish Information Processing Society (http://www.pti.org.pl/) and Dituel Sp. z o.o. (http://www.dituel.pl/).

Topic outline

  • Providing safety of miners working underground is the fundamental requirement for the coal mining industry in Poland. Coal mining companies are obligated by the law to introduce many safety measures to secure proper working conditions of their underground personnel. However, expert knowledge-based safety monitoring systems sometimes fail to foresee dangerous seismic events which have disastrous consequences. In this data mining competition we would like to address this challenging problem. In particular, we want to ask participants to come up with reliable methods for predicting periods of increased seismic activity perceived in longwalls of a coal mine. 

    More details regarding the task and a description of the competition data can be found in Task Description section.

    Special session at AAIA'16: A special session devoted to the competition will be held at the conference. We will invite authors of selected reports to extend them for publication in the conference proceedings (after reviews by Organizing Committee members) and presentation at the conference. The publications will be treated as short papers and will be indexed by IEEE Digital Library and Web of Science. The invited teams will be chosen based on their final rank, innovativeness of their approach and quality of the submitted report.

    Awards: Authors of the top ranked solutions (based on the final evaluation scores) will be awarded with prizes funded by our sponsors:

    • First Prize: 1000 USD + one free FedCSIS'16 conference registration,
    • Second Prize: 500 USD + one free FedCSIS'16 conference registration,
    • Third Prize: one free FedCSIS'16 conference registration.

    The award ceremony will take place during the FedCSIS'16 conference (Sep 11-14, 2016, Gdańsk, Poland).


    • October 5, 2015: start of the competition, data sets and description become available,
    • February 27, 2016: deadline for submitting the predictions,
    • February 29, 2016 March 4, 23:59 GMT (extended): deadline for sending the reports, end of the challenge,
    • March, 2016: on-line publication of final results, sending invitations for submitting short papers for the special session at FedCSIS'16,
    • April, 2016: deadline for submissions of papers describing the selected solutions,
    • April, 2016: deadline for submissions of camera-ready papers selected for presentation at the FedCSIS'16.

    Contest Organizing Committee:

    • Andrzej Janusz, University of Warsaw
    • Marek Sikora, Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
    • Łukasz Wróbel, Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
    • Sebastian Stawicki, University of Warsaw
    • Marek Grzegorowski, University of Warsaw
    • Sinh Hoa Nguyen, University of Warsaw
    • Dominik Ślęzak, University of Warsaw & Infobright Inc.

    In case of any questions please post on the competition forum or write us an email: webmaster@knowledgepit.fedcsis.org


    1. A. Janusz, M. Sikora, Ł. Wróbel, S. Stawicki, M. Grzegorowski, P. Wojtas, D. Ślęzak: "Mining Data from Coal Mines: IJCRS’15 Data Challenge", in Proceedings of RSFDGrC 2015, LNAI 9437, Springer, 2015
    2. M. Kozielski, A. Skowron, Ł. Wróbel, M. Sikora: “Regression Rule Learning for Methane Forecasting in Coal Mines“, Beyond Databases, Architectures, and Structures, CCIS, Vol. 521, Springer International Publishing, pp. 495-504, 2015
  • Challenge information and data

    Below is a link to Terms and Conditions of the competition. It MUST be read and accepted in order to enroll.

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    Summary and information about the final results, not available until Competition ends.