AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition: Tagging Firefighter Activities at a Fire Scene
(AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition)

Challenge info

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Topic of the competition: Recognition of activities carried out by first responders at a fire scene based on body sensor network readings

AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition: Tagging Firefighter Activities at a Fire Scene is a continuation of the last year's competition organized within the framework of International Symposium on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'15, https://fedcsis.org/aaia). It is also an integral part of the 2nd Complex Events and Information Modelling workshop (CEIM'15 https://fedcsis.org/ceim) devoted to the fire protection engeneering. This time, the task is related to the problem of recognizing activities carried out by firefighters based on streams of information from body sensor networks. Prizes worth over 4,000 PLN will be awarded to the most successful teams. The contest is sponsored by Polish Information Processing Society (http://www.pti.org.pl/), with a support from University of Warsaw (http://www.mimuw.edu.pl/) and ICRA project (http://icra-project.org/).

Challenge Terms and Conditions

Contest Participation Rules:

  • The competition is open for all interested researchers, specialists and students. Only members of the Contest Organizing Committee cannot participate.
  • Participants may submit solutions as teams made up of one or more persons.
  • Each team needs to designate a leader responsible for communication with the Organizers. A single person can be a leader of only one team.
  • One person may be incorporated in maximally 3 teams.
  • Each team needs to be composed of a different set of persons.
  • A winner of the competition is chosen on the basis of the final evaluation results. In a case of draws in the evaluation scores, time of the submission will be taken into account.
  • Each team is obliged to provide a short report describing their final solution. Reports must contain information such as the name of a team, names of all team members, the last preliminary evaluation score and a brief overview of the used approach. Their length should not exceed 2000 words and they should be submitted in the pdf format using our submission system by June 5, 2015. Only submissions made by teams that provided the reports will qualify for the final evaluation.
  • By enrolling to this competition you grant the organizers rights to process your submissions for the purpose of evaluation and post-competition research.

In case of questions related to the competition please contact us via email: AAIA15Contest@mimuw.edu.pl or through the competition forum.